Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If...A heartfelt plea to the smelly man, Kipling style

If...a heartfelt plea to the smelly man
If you think you can keep your head when all around you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
And if your colleagues who always lunched with you
Now seem to have disappeared into the blue
Your assistant whose heart did the tango for you,
She’s giving excuses that there’s too much work to do
Or if your young interns for whom you were a star
No longer seem interested in your fancy new car.

If at home, the sorry situation is no better
Your wife won’t be seen but talks through a letter,
And if the roses in your window, ones that you bloomed
Seem to have shriveled and immersed in a pall of gloom
And if one day, most unfortunately, you discover
That you spend more on air freshener than on food or water
Or if one day morning while you’re out on your jog,
You discover you’re followed by the neighbourhood dogs.

If it finally dawns on you, if you’re lucky enough
You’ll realize what’s happening and why it’s so tough
If you don’t mind, please do yourself a good deed
Watch this video to discover what you really need
And if you can rise above the stink that you’ve created
Perhaps you can admit to yourself, although belated,
That you need to have a bath everyday my son
In hot, steaming water or a bubble bath, its fun

In whatever manner it will please you, do try
You’ll have less fleas and more people nearby
And the roses and wife will bloom again
Follow this credo, there is lots to gain
And the world will be yours and all what’s in it
Before you realize, once again you’ll be a hit
So grab that hot shower and get it undone,
Be no more a garbage bin, be a man again my son.

With due respect to the great poet Rudyard Kipling whose legendary poem ‘If’ has provided inspiration as well as the first two lines for this piece…wherever you are, please don’t haunt me.

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  1. Loved these lines "Your assistant whose heart did the tango for you,
    She’s giving excuses that there’s too much work to do" :)

    All the best for the contest Sunila. Your poem rocks! :D

    P.S. They've asked us to embed the video and not the link to the video. Embed it soon.


    1. Thanks Khushboo. That was very helpful. I did it. :)

  2. Congratulations Sunila! Check out what you've won here http://www.indiblogger.in/topic.php?topic=107


    1. Haa haa haa. That's so awesome. Congrats to you to. Only now, how can I claim the prize???

    2. Indiblogger will send you an email. Keep your address updated :)

  3. Its a real treat to read this post!
    Congrats Sunila for writing such a beautiful piecce! And for winning too!

  4. Very aptly and poetically expressed.....a world-wide concern!! ;)