Monday, July 22, 2013

Jana Gana Mana...mind your manners sir!!!

A few days ago, there was a small uproar on  social networks about this scene in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag where the national anthem is played. Apparently, a lot of viewers were offended that the audience did not stand up while the anthem was being played. It is a good enough reason for all of us to get angry because since we were tots, we have been programmed to stand in attention whenever the Jana Gana Mana was played.

A few years ago, I was watching Chak De India...a movie about an ill-equipped Indian girls hokey team competing for their honor and national pride in a foreign country. In this one scene, the national anthem played and as has been driven to us since our childhood, I stood up in respect. Of course it was a bit awkward since no one else stood up. I muttered under my breath about how rude these people were to not respect their national anthem and so on and so forth. I was very restless when I came home and so I googled about it on the internet...whether there were any rules for the national anthem. Turns out that I was wrong and the rest of the audience was right.

In a nutshell, nope, you don't have to stand up when the anthem is played during a movie. Secondly, you cannot disturb anyone during a movie. This plus a lot more info about the great Jana gana Mana which every Indian must know.

Follow this link to get all the necessary information on the Indian National Anthem. Its on the official Maharashtra Government website and so it's safe to click on.

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