Sunday, February 2, 2014

A dog is forever

I was walking Patch a few days ago and came across this lady who was pulling a black lab across the road. It took a fair amount of cajoling and pulling and the pooch finally consented, not at all happy with the situation. His object of attention was a young family of three comprising of a couple and their infant daughter.

He's always like that around a family, his pet parent explained to me rather sheepishly because she saw me starring at her predicament. 'I adopted him from his original family who had him for ten years. Then, a few Months ago, they got a baby daughter and upon the doctors advice they decided that they no longer wanted the dog fearing that the child would catch some infections.

I looked at Snoopy who kept looking over his shoulder at the family. His tail was wagging non stop and his eyes were gleaming.

'How lucky you are,' I said to his new mother, 'to get the love of an animal so clever and kind.' She nodded and dragged him away and I could not help it but feel sad for those ignorant parents whose child would grow up deprived of the love of such a fabulous creature.

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