Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whole wheat pan baked pizza (restaurant ishtyle)

Ever since the day I footed a bill of two and a half thousand at Pizza Hut for about five pizzas only (I paid tax of approx. 600 bucks!!! :-8) I'd decided that I am gonna ace the pizza at home at a fraction of the cost and many many times healthier. It took me a few attempts and disasters but I finally nailed it today.

But there's a problem...I don't have an oven. So after some research I discovered that the non stick pan is a decent option to it. So here's the recipe for pizza which tastes almost as good as the one u will get outside.

(For the base)
250 gms whole wheat atta (makes 5 bases)
Half a pack of blue bird Instant yeast
Pinch of sugar
Salt, olive oil, water
If u want to make it healthier you can add ajwain or ground flax seeds to the dough.
Follow the instructions on the yeast pack to make the yeast paste. Remember that the yeast will froth so don't freak out. It's supposed to be like that.

Add it to the flour with all the ingredients. Make a dough and let it settle for about half an hour. It will double in size and become porous and light.

Press it a bit to let out the air. Not much. U don't wanna flatten it.

For the pizza sauce:
I'm a very lazy and shortcut type of cook so here's what I do. I take about three tomatoes, one onion, five cloves garlic and purée them in the mixer.
Heat a kadhai and add olive oil. When it's heated add the paste and let it cook. Add oregano, pinch of mirchi powder, pinch of pepper, salt.

Veggies/ toppings:
Whatever you want. Sauté them a bit. I made a few margarita pizzas and some with baby corn and capsicum.

Assembling the pizza:
Make dough balls the size u would take for a paratha and make a roti about 5 mms thick. Make holes in it with a fork. Put a dab of oil on the pan and put the pizza base on it (holed side down). Let it roast just a bit at the bottom. This is the side on which u are going to place the toppings.

Let it cook just a wee bit and turn it over and first add the tomato sauce, grate amul cheese (one cube) or mozerella. Add your toppings, sprinkle oregano on it and drizzle olive oil. Cover it with the lid. Because of the yeast, the base will rise and become fluffy.

Note: roll out the dough thin to make it thin crust. (Obviously. Lol)
Add a bit of oil to the sides to make it crisp and yum.

In case u try it let me know what u think. This tastes delicious, costs a fraction and I couldn't imagine it would be so so easy. Though it took me a couple of times to get it right, I'm certain that I'm never going to hop into a pizza shop again whenever I want a slice.

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