Thursday, April 17, 2014

Smartphone Season deux...a complete flop

Exactly a month ago, I had announced on my blog (click here for that post) that I will be renouncing my smart phone for a while. Today, I switched back to it for some time because I needed by banking app asap. Here are a few observations I have made in the regards in the past month.

1. I don't need the smartphone to be smart
Lugging the old qwerty phone around for the past few weeks made me realise that I could live very well without the extra smartness.In fact, writing my to do lists and accounts on the trusty tiny note pad was so much more satisfying than the notes app on the phone.

2. The battery life goes on and on and Amaron
In the past 12 hours, I have charged my smartphone twice. I need to charge my old phone once in two days.

3. This past month has been one of the most productive one for a long long time
With whassap, facebook, skype, candy crush, twitter out of the way and into my tablet, my productivity has been quite awesome. I've been able to free atleast 3 hours from my day to do more stuff which is meaningful.

4. No more obnoxious selfies to irritate people
Take a selfie, edit it, put it on face book. I felt like I was kind of becoming obsessed with myself. But no longer. My phone takes terrible pictures. And doesn;t have access to facebook. So I don't feel the obsessive need to keep taking pictures of myself.

All in all...
I realised that
1. If i need directions, I stop and ask instead of googling or going to google maps. Its fun that way...a lot more.

2. It's actually liberating to not have all the knowledge at your fingertips all the time. I keep time for myself to google and do research so in a way, my research is more focused and better derived.

3. My phone is actually a phone and it doesn't ring so often any longer.

I think by day end, I am going back to my trusty old phone. Tring tring to that. 

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