Saturday, May 31, 2014

Show what you can do for her.

I had a terrible fight some days ago. Over Whatsapp. With a bunch of friends. This was on the day that we elected a new Prime Minister. As expected, there were people who were for and against the election. Of course, there were people fighting all over that day. On Facebook, on Twitter, on TV...just about everyone seemed to be passionately involved...perhaps for the first time...with the upcoming future of the country.

But the outcome of my fight was bad. One girl from the chat group, she's just shifted abroad...two days before the election day. She stopped talking with me altogether. It's because I called her an idiot.

And that's because she felt that 550 million people who had voted were idiots and that nothing good would ever come out of it all. Even the last time, when we had lit candles for Anna Hazare, she had called them idiots. I think I'd just had enough. I made a point...but perhaps lost a friend.

Was I wrong?
Well, I did feel terrible for being hard on her later and even apologised. But it doesn't seem like she's coming back.

Do I regret it?
No. Absolutely not.

I've had just about enough of these types who keep complaining all the time about India. It's too dirty, it's too backward, it's too corrupt, it's too this and it's too that.

And there is this other bunch of people who are just looking for chances of an escape. No. I don't grudge the ones who leave for better opportunities. But it's those who leave India and then compare it to other countries without even as much as taking some effort of making a change. I see it with friends, I see it with relatives, I've seen it with cousins...and honestly, I am sick of it.

Some people may say that my opinions are too extreme. That I am taking it too seriously. But I don't know, I can't help but be mad.

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