Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So will you donate an organ after you die?

Last week, we got the terrible news via facebook, that an old colleague met with an accident and he was in coma with little or no chances of survival.We rallied around to generate funds for his family at least till the time they could get back on their feet and his wife could get emplyoment.

Then we came up with the thought that perhaps, being so young, his organs could be set up for donation.
Unfortunately, the family did not agree on this and later that evening, our friend died and his remains were cremated as per is the norms of the Hindu custom.

That very day, I read an article in Mumbai Mirror in which families of 2 brain dead patients donated their organs which helped seven other patients.

Little or nothing is known about organ donation in India. Read here. I googled and found this link in case you want to know more...

It is not a very appealing thought to anyone, especially the family of the deceased...but as my doctor friend told me..."There are so many people out there who are waiting for a healthy heart, kidney, liver etc."
If it is anyways going to dust, why can't our organs help someone out there? May be we should give this topic a bit more thought?
What say?

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  1. This used to be something on my mind too. I had written a post on this trying to analyze and understand why one was afraid to donate one's organs. God forbid something happens I hope to donate my organs. I am still afraid but sometimes one has to walk the walk no?

    Here 's the link , if you are interested to read :)