Friday, June 27, 2014

And I watch TV only for these guys...

And my vote goes to...

Alan Shore
1. Alan Shore from Boston Legal
I never really liked courtroom dramas until one day, I caught Alan Shore in the courtroom, making a fervent plea for the underdog. And then came the day, when Shirley asked him "Why are you even interested in me?" Alan replies, "Your intellect dazzles me." How could you not love a man like that...who can love someone for all the right things?

Dr. Gregory House

2. Dr. Gregory House from HOUSE MD
May be it is his brooding looks or extremely sexy, no nonesense attitude or even his dry humour, this man man gets my vote. Unpretentious and unrelenting, the doctor with a tongue of vile but with his heart in his right place, much like the man above, he gets my vote.

Carrie Bradshaw
3. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City
Writer, writer and writer. And while all over the world, writers are nerds who hide behind thick glasses and copious bundles of paper, here is one who is as fab as they can get. It is a plus that she's an amazing writer. If only I could be has half the eloquent writer that she was. Plus she is so passionate about books.

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  1. Oh I loved Shore in Boston Legal, to be honest even I watched the series for him.. Just like I did for Big Bang theory and Penny, How I met your mother for Robin..

    I think it was only FRIENDS which I watched for really what it is :)