Monday, June 30, 2014

Log in...and baggout

Baggout Blogging Contest
It was a bright day,
Sometime in hot May,
And I thought I would shop till I drop
But then on a whim,
I went for a swim,
It was there that I saw the blue top.

Her hair was like silk
Her skin was like milk
Miss India, was sunbathing in glee
And her clothes were so nice
Full of sugar and spice
I was filled with loath and envy

I trudged up the pool
Looking like a fool
But I couldn’t resist, you see
“Where did you get this?
“Which sale did I miss?”
I imagined the shopping spree.

“Oh it wasn’t a store
If you want to know more
Go to and browse
It’s not like a shop
But it’s more like a prop
To get deals on bag, clothes or blouse.”

“So unlike most websites
Which seem so trite
This one will tell you what’s best
People put their suggestions
You can ask them more questions,
And will separate the good from the rest”

“It will give you coupons
It will give your cash back
It will tell you what to take, what not
And as you surf on,
It won’t be long
Before you find a deal that’s hot.”

“Can’t be hotter than you
Miss India, Thank you,”
Was all I could manage to mutter
And before I knew, 
The damsel she flew
For a round of shoot and shutter.

I went back home and shopped
Till my eyes, they swelled and popped
I found a treasure that day…
A website called baggout
From which I cannot logout.
Thanks to Miss India and a warm sunny May.

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