Friday, June 20, 2014

Sweet dreams and some more...are made like this.

The tiny flecks in her dark brown eyes shimmered as she stood on the tips of her toes to reach the dining table to glare lovingly, longingly into the pristine, clear glass bowl and its deep red contents. As she took in the rich, deep aroma of roasted spices married to farm fresh tomatoes, onions, a dribble ran down her soft, plump, baby lips. The tender, white and crisp cubes of cottage cheese soaking in the red gravy caught her eye and she knew that today was something very special.

Her eyes then wandered to a flat white plate, her most favourite one…the one with orange and blue butterflies design. Her mother had warned her to never touch those. They were far too precious and pretty. But once in a while, when her mother was away, she bribed the maid with a candy and ate her biscuits and milk on it. Today, this plate held a pile of perfectly round, thin rotis, layered one upon the other, slathered with home made ghee and fine garlic pieces. Her tiny heart skipped a beat at the thought of today’s dinner.

Floating in her reverie, she almost didn’t spot it but when she did, her delight knew no bounds. Standing in the far corner of the table, was a large, clear tray of thick, transparent glass. The lights of the chandelier overhead, caught in its rim and made a pretty rainbow within itself. Beads of condensation on it told her that something was cooling inside. In her happiness, she peered over it to see ripples of pistachios, almonds and deep orange saffron floating away merrily on creamy, white milk. Small, soft and oval clouds floated around and she knew for sure that her nana was coming for dinner. Ras malai had always been his favourite, you see!

When the bell rang, she flew to the door and little Esha climbed up the shoulders of her beaming grandfather...much to the amusement of her beaming Nani. 

“Happy birthday Nanu”, she sung in her off key, baby voice as her mother hurried around to lay the table with some more beautiful Borosil cutlery.  

When she settled into her baby seat at the dining table, later that evening, with her family, Esha took in the aroma of the feast and knew that she would get some really lovely dreams tonight…perhaps of orange and blue butterflies.


NOTE: This post was inspired by a contest run by Borosil. You can visit their page and see their exquisite cutlery and home products at

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