Saturday, June 21, 2014

Try this before u throw out overripe papaya and mash melon

I hate to throw away over ripe fruit and it seems to be happening once to often in my fridge. On Friday I discovered two overripe papayas  as well as musk melon in my fridge and I didn't have the heart to throw them nor the guts to eat them. So I did a bit of googling and found out these amazing recipes for papaya halwa as well as mash melon milkshake. So adding some and deleting some ingredients, I found these recipes that worked for me...

Papaya Halwa:

Papaya Halwa

Ripe Papayas
Ground Almonds (15-20)
Elaichi (3)
Ghee (2-3 tablespoons)
Salt (pinch)

1.Grate/ Cube the papaya
2. Heat the ghee and add papaya and cook till soft (about 15 mins)
3. Add salt and sugar (to taste)
4. Add almond powder and ground elaichi.
5. Allow to cook till it has a sticky consistency like gajar Halwa
6. Garnish with cashews/ pistas

Musk Melon juice/ Milkshake
Musk Melon Milkshake
Ripe Musk melon
Milk (if you want)

1. Cube the melon and put it in the mixer with all ingredients.
2. Serve chilled.

Bon appetite!!!

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