Friday, July 4, 2014

Carconnect...get set go. - My experience with a niche networking website - Homepage

  1. First of all, let me tell you what it’s not about since, perhaps, you may think it is another website which sells cars. Well, it is not a site that sells cars, as I have stated above.
  2. It doesn’t sell anything in particular…nor does it push any brand upfront.
  3. To put it in a nutshell, this website brings all car lovers and road trip aficionados under one roof.
  1. After logging on via facebook and putting in your profile details, can add details of your owned vehicles if you wish to.
  2. Add your road trip experiences with your vehicle
  3. Read/ Get information about roadtrips/ travel destinations and more from other users.
  4. Get latest news about the automobile industry.
  5. Compare different vehicles
  6. The more experiences you will add here, you will get badges as well as merchandise.

This website is especially useful for two types of people.
  1. People wishing to buy a new car
  2. People wanting to make the most of their car via travels/ road trips etc.
Make an informed purchase decision
This is a car info website which has primarily user driven content. You can compare cars, read about newest developments and car launches. The reviews put up here are genuine, written by people like you and me. If you want to buy a new car, you can go through actual user experiences and then make a very informed purchase decision.

Plan trips to places never seen
Users add their road trip experiences here. So, to begin with, this website acts like a road trip guide for people like me who have little or no experience. Also, it will tell you about places you may have never considered/ or heard off for a road trip, thereby enriching your experience with your own car.

  1. I loved the simple navigation. Everything is simply designed and I could go very easily from one page to the other. 
  2. I found that the user generated content was especially useful.The road trip experiences were interesting, informative and especially insightful.
  3. This effort of bringing car lovers under one roof and sharing their lives and experiences around the vehicle is a boon to car aficionados. The best part was that the website was not too technical in nature and someone like me, who isn't much into tech specs, can understand the content very easily. In short, it decodes the 'car' experience for me truly connecting me with my car and others like me.
The more experiences I put up, the more badges I will win. Ironically, I have very few, but wonderful experiences. This will make people put up low quality experiences just to win badges. Instead, why not have a monthly, topical contest for users and give away some decent prizes instead?


It would be awesome if they could do away with the facebook login. Why not have separate login like other websites?

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