Friday, July 11, 2014

Kotak Social Banking...because I am stupid

Dear Mr. Kotak/ Mahindra,

This is in regards to the latest contest put up on about Kotak Mahindra Bank's new product called 'Jifi'. This is an Unreview. That is to say that this is the opposite of what you want to achieve via the indiblogging contest...i.e. a buzz. I haven't submitted this post for your contest...for obvious reasons, but may be I should, cuz you may take note.

Why your product is a terrible idea?
1. Finances and Money is a very private thing.
You have to agree that our incomes and finance are a very private affair. We hide our passbooks, tip toe in secret to open our bank lockers, shut our windows while we count our money and more so. Why, even  chimps hide their peanuts in tree holes so no one can see them and take them away.

2. Twitter/ Facebook/ Whatsapp are not secure.
In spite of what u will claim, the fact remains that none of these websites are as secure as they may seem to be. We have heard millions of stories of accounts getting hacked, critical information getting stolen etc. And to bank via one of these??

We have already put out most of our lives out there. Some of us record every minute of our lives on social networking websites. We've even seen what happens when we press the 'send' or 'reply' button in haste. And now you are suggesting that I do my banking via a social network? Why don't I just put up my banking password and user ID as  a tweet or a facebook status update?

3. In response to "What do I do if my account gets hacked?
Some genius in your team has suggested that I should go to your bank website and de-register twitter from the account. Yeah right!!! After my life's savings have been wiped out.

Actually, I wanted to take part in your contest only in hope of getting the kindle. But as it turns out, I haven't yet sold my soul to the blogging contest devil. I am hoping that you take my words as constructive criticism. A product which is unreasonable needs as much un-buzz as one which is good.

Yours sincerely,
Someone who still hides their peanuts in tree holes. 

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