Monday, July 21, 2014

Lory Birds from the Southern Hemisphere

These gorgeous birds called Lory or Lorikeets are cousins of parrots and parakeets. These birds are found mostly in the Southern Hemisphere.


These two birds were eating from the same cup, without fighting for food. In fact, it was really amusing to see them taking turns to eat their food. Something which some people can learn from them.

You just need to call them and they will hop on your arm and feed from your hands, hop on your shoulders and generally, just make you feel very special among them. 

They are not afraid of close contact with human beings...of course, after they are well fed.

Finally, we spotted the elusive, solitary, majestic white parakeet with it's crown.
The king of the parrot kingdom.

 Location: Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.


  1. Wow, definitely humans can learn a thing or two from these heavenly colored beauties ! The king of parrot kingdom lacks luster , I meant hey no color at all, I wonder why he is known as the king...