Friday, July 11, 2014

Religion is a load of medieval rubbish

Do we really need religions?
Someone recently called me informing me that he had penned a book on religious awareness and I should promote it on my face book page. It promoted radical Hindu views and should reach out to every Hindu around the globe.

Here, I must confess that I've never been very big on religion of any type. That's when it suddenly came to me that while it was on my birth certificate that I was a Hindu, did I really care what it said? I had so many friends who belonged to so many religious that promoting the supremacy of one over the other...wasn't it simply unfair?

I realized then that I was quite unreligious...that's if the word actually exists. But u get the drift. I didn't actively practice Hinduism nor did I understand what it was all about. Frankly speaking it's not like I didn't try. But it always put me to sleep. Plus the one thing I realized was that most religions hadn't evolved with time. Religious fanatics were flogging the same old horses since time immemorial and now we had come to a point where most religions seemed to be a mockery of their old self. Their true meaning of compassion and humanity had been truly lost in the passage of time and it was apt that we either did away with most religions, made drastic modifications to the existing ones or created new ones.

Weren't we already burdened with enough archaic ideologies and jibber jabber in the name of 'religion'? The world is already divided into small pieces because of religion. Should I be adding to it?

If such a big deal is made of religions I hope that there comes a day when all children are taught every religion as there are different subjects in schools. And then when the time is right, like their profession, they should be allowed to choose their own...and if not, they should be allowed to be without a religion and only a general genre like humanity or something. Perhaps then, in an attempt to better themselves, these so called religious people will get off their high horses and attempt to modernize and rationalize their tenets and hopefully we'll see lesser of hatred in the name of god...who by the way no ones least yet.


  1. I have always maintained that religion is a very personal affair and it has got nothing to do with people except for some practices and the things we do.. It is very annoying to see the various colors it has taken. If we look at its origin, the purpose was a lot naive compared to the result that has been made out of it :(

  2. Religion is the opium of the masses... with which the leaders hallucinate people only to fulfill their own goals.... :-(

  3. I tend to disagree , Its just a personal choice , U just cant abuse religion