Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why does Deepika's cleavage make headlines?

Deepika's cleavage made headlines that day. And why not? 

It is what we want. Don't we? No? Then how come the video got so many likes and comments if no one wanted to see it? 

And isn't that exactly what that newspaper was looking for? Eyeballs? Well, they got got what they wanted, we got our daily dose of drama and skin and...everyone's happy in the bargain. 

They say that a newspaper often depicts the mood of a nation. Going by the path most leading dailies are taking, it doesn't bode well for us. 
Why go so far? Look at your own Facebook account. Put up a racy pic or a raunchy joke and get maximum likes for it. On the contrary, share a true account of a woman getting molested and there are chances that no one will share or like the status. 

As soon as we got to know about deepika's cleavage news we all googled about it I'm sure. I did too, let me be honest. But it did not load on my computer and perhaps it wasn't meant to be. 

That three minutes of waiting made me realise how awful I was. The internet is such a vast ocean of information, there are so many channels on tv which take u to places u have never been to and tell u about things u have never seen before. 

And then we consciously opt for the newspaper which shows us the Mate of the day or the channel which gives us the Sansani news. 

Till we are looking for such content, we will be provided with it. Eve teasing will keep happening, paparazzi will keep clicking provocative pics because those are the ones that make most money. 

Perhaps their conscience is dead. But what we have to decide is whether ours is still with us before we click on the pic that says "see so and so in the bathroom" or "watch this one revealing her navel". Don't u think? 

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  1. excellently written! I have stopped searching for these a college goer I accept I was into porn and all and saw some or the others when friends could procure it and I thought having 24*7 net access would be great as it means access to.....freely but today when i have 24*7 access to internet I search google for mythology, politics, biographies, occult, diseases all but not "spice" I think I have grown up or maybe growing celibate. :)