Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nani says so...

When Kiara was a baby, she would get terrible bouts of cough. And her cough would be accompanied with bouts of throwing up. Her little chest would spasm and ache and she would retch and retch. That was until the day, my grandmother introduced me to flax seeds.

It was a very simple treatment. Roast flax seeds for about 5 minutes and bundle the seeds in a soft, muslin or cotton cloth. Apply it very gently on to the chest of the baby. Within no time, the baby will go off to sleep and its cough will dissipate within the body and will dry up.

This was just one of the many times when household items bundled as miracle ayurveda cures and made the difference between standing in long lines at the doctor's clinic and sleeping peacefully at home.

Kids are the heart and soul of any family. Anything happening to them is like your little world falling apart. But us modern, young mothers, who lives miles, sometimes continents apart from our moms and nanis need to fortify our kids with the goodness of these old age remedies as well as some modern simple easy to consume power packed remedies which come packed in a bottle like Dabur Chyawanprash.

My nani-in-law is 86! (God bless her with a long long healthy life). She's given up on most sugars and sweets. But till date, she doesn't miss her spoonful of this wonder medicine. It's a must have for her. Here are some simple home remedies I learnt from her for kids to increase their immunity.

Nani always says that three tulsi leaves a day will keep the damn doc away. (With apologies to the humble apple.)

The wonders of this often neglected spice are many to list here and more than expensive malt brands, giving your child a glass full of turmeric milk will act as a natural antiseptic and increase immunity apart from adding a golden glow from within.

Nani says that 5 almonds a day will strengthen your bones like a tiger give you the memory of an elephant. (I'm hoping the reverse doesn't happen. :))

For all those of you who are fish eaters, rejoice. Fish is one of the best sources of strength according to her. Perhaps because she loves it so much? I read somewhere that it is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Whatever it is. Bring on that tandoori prawn platter on people!!!

The list can go on and on...but I am guessing that you get the basic idea. Before feeding your child medicines to increase strength and immunity, try increasing their strength from within with some simple, age old remedies. India is a virtual treasure trove of them.

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