Monday, October 13, 2014

So here are a few reasons I will NOT see Haider ever again

First of all, Achcha chutzpah banaya mr. Bhardwaj. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead so read at your own risk

1. It's looooooooong and boooooooring
I've seen movies that are long and movies that are boring. But a combination of both is quite lethal. Haider is NOT gripping. Don't let a few paid reviewers fool you. 

2. It's portraying the police and army forces in a light that they do not deserve
In Haider, the guy who harbours the militant (shahids father) is made out to be the hero. The entire movie is about how the army took this guy away because he harboured a militant and tortured him. He deserved the treatment. But in Haider, he is portrayed as the victim. Mistake no. 1. 

3. The police man (Feroze Khan) and the army informers (K K Menon and the guys playing Salman and Salman) are the villains. Why? They are simply doing what every Indian citizen should in any case be doing. What's your hidden agenda mr. Bhardwaj? Mistake no. 2. 

4. Shraddha Kapoor Mistake no. 3
She is fast joining the ranks of the other kapoor daughter ie sonam. Whether she is happy or sad or in love or dead, she has the same half smiley, dopey look on her face. She's a terrible actress and unfortunately it starkly stands out when she is with such a sterling star cast. 

5. Painting? Portrait? Bwahhaahaahaa. 
If you have seen 1942 A love story, Roja, u will agree that they were better shot. Vast expanses of snow does not a pretty landscape make especially when the story is crawling like an injured snail. I can't keep staring at snow for over three hours na? It can make anyone snow blind. 

6. The songs
I can't remember any one of them and hum neither. The sprinkling of good music can add chutzpah to a deadpan movie. But this failed too. 

7. Shifting morality? 
It's ok to harbour a militant and it's not ok if your mother seeks some love and happiness in the arms of another man who is willing to give it to her while her own husband does what he likes most...harbours militants who kill people. Wonder how their god works? I missed the point here. 

8. Why Kashmir?
Hamlet could have been set in any city of India. But the director chose Kashmir. While that's not bad, he chose to tell the story in a manner that misrepresents the situation and could possibly mislead the innocent and ignorant audiences to make opinions which can prove to be more harmful to the country than otherwise. 

I wish I had waited for it to come on TV and then seen it instead of wasting precious ₹₹₹s on it. 

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  1. I watched only the first half which was very slow.. But I am told the real effect was in the second half. So I felt bad & thought I shhould have been a little more patient. But your views tell a different story...