Friday, December 19, 2014

If you love to read, you’ll read off anything

Let me tell you something. A true reader does not discriminate. She or he will only read.

If you truly love to read, you will do it anywhere on whatever. Just as a poet can create a masterpiece on an ornate diary, with a key board or even on a tattered tissue paper, an avid reader is one who reads...on paperback, ebook, computer screen, TV screen, off a hoarding, catching the words on a moving bus, at a salon, in a dentist’s chair...readers matter what...even an oily samosa wrapping will be reading material for person who loves to read. And I can vouch for that.

I’ve been an avid reader all my life. And I’ve read on all mediums. From the good old paper backs, to ebooks, I’ve done it all. Reading it on paper vs reading on an ebook reader, it’s not made any difference to me at all in terms of quality of reading. The story won’t change, will it?

I’ve downloaded PDFs on my computer to read, and converted Gutenberg files to make them compatible on my 2”by 2” phone screen so I can read them on the bus. From then on I graduated to the tablet, book readers and now on my ipad where I read books on my Flipkart, Kindle or mantano reader. Well, anything that works. Including an old tattered library book too.

See, it is the story that matters. The content. If it has you hooked on, it will keep you going forever no matter what medium it is.

I find it easier to read on tablets simply because I can carry thousands of books at one go. Secondly, a lot of famous books are available almost instantly on torrents, in epub and mobi formats. So I save a lot of money. (I know I am going to biblio hell for this but what the heck!!! I’ve saved thousands of rupees, not to mention trees doing this and the famous authors are not any poorer because I read a free book.) I’ve got over 500 books waiting to be read in my tablet so I am sorted for the next few hundred years.
My ten year old daughter devours books. So when my library began to overflow and bank account began to deplete, I took the wise decision of buying her a sasta and tikau tablet on which she has many ebooks she reads. It is a child friendly screen and she is happy with her ebook library and so is my pocket. I recently downloaded over 200 Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books for her from torrents. Each of this book costs not less than 200 bucks at Landmark. Considering her speed of reading (at least one a day), for me, it is a boon. And also, since I don’t allow her to use the tablet for more than an hour each time, I can make sure she is not ignoring her homework for the love of books.

For those of you who I have converted to ebook readers, here are a few simple ways you can read books for free on e-readers.
-        - Download mantano or flipkart ebook readers on your phones/ android/ ipad tablets.
- Install torrent on your computer
-        - When you need a good book simply go to and search for your author or book and download the torrent.
-        Open the books in the above readers and read.
I’ve already downloaded many books. In case you need some, drop me a line and I’ll email you the books.
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  1. I started out being very skeptical about reading ebooks, but then I bought a Nook, and that changed how I felt. Just the fact that I can carry my entire bookshelf wherever I go is marvelous!

    1. Oh yes. Isn't it so heartwarming to know that no matter where you are, there are at least 100 books by your bedside?