Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Five reasons why I never want to shop on Flipkart again.

Once is a mistake, but five's killing your own business.

Reason 1:
Last week I ordered this from flipkart...
Looks stylish, seems like a good deal to me.

This is what I got instead...
Horribly substandard sunglasses which I can buy from the road for less than 200 rupees. And I paid Rs. 600 for them. Incidenly, according to flipkart, the retail price is 1600!!!

Here is what I ordered.

Here is what I got!!!

PS: The replacement I got is also without the backcase. So I am thinking that they are fraudulently selling the items by giving the inaccurate description of the product.

Here is what I ordered...

 Here's what I got. I paid 800 rupees for an ipad cover and I can't even get the colour I ordered. But I am sick and tired of returning stuff.

Reason No. 4:
This product was never even delivered to me.

Reason No. 5:
A set of Digiflip speakers which was delivered to me sans battery, wires, USB wire. We were about to purchase the entire accessories when we decided to call the customer care and actually were told that we should have everything in the box. They eventually replaced it.

I am seriously giving up on these guys. Ordering, returning, replacing,'s destroying the pleasure of online shopping. They are prompt in their service and all that, but is it worth the effort?

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  1. if you want to buy something online, either go for brands or only go for books, because they have thousands of cheap brands that look good on screen but actually are not.