Thursday, February 19, 2015

I need help

It looks like an inverted dimple
But it's really not so simple
It's a feeling of depression and killjoy
It can make you cringe and weep
And can rob you of your sleep
It can plunder all your happiness and joy

It settles like a pest
Like an uninvited guest
It will stay on, no matter how hard you try
For some, it will be worse,
Like an ancient Indian curse,
The pimple was created to destroy

It makes me hide and shiver
Throw a boulder at my mirror
I left my best friends pleading at my gate
All the latest disco parties,
No, I can't come, all you smarties
Why don't you leave me by myself to hibernate?

They make these little marks
Like I got bitten by some sharks
These pimples are the bane of my existence
The boys, they call me Spotty
It makes me feel like potty
These little monsters are just testing my persistence

I wish I had a trick
Or perhaps a magic stick
To make this globule vanish like a ghost
If you give me a solution
Or a clever magic potion,
I will share with you my favourite chicken roast 

I'll come out into sunlight
Not look like a monster of the night
Someone, please come to my aid!!!
I can't stand this any longer,
This pus filled mischief monger
My tiny teenage nerves are getting frayed

I will kiss your hands and feet
And I’ll give you every treat
I want a glowing skin, come whatever!
If you tell me what to do
Make my face as good as new
And I’ll wash your feet and denims, aah...forever!!! 

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