Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hair care for swimmers

I dread going swimming especially in summers...ironical because it's the best time to swim. While a swim in the pool can do wonders for a heat-stricken body, the same cannot be said about its effects on my hair. While in the pool, it's wonderful, after a few hours, my ar ends up looking like a bird nest. But here are some things you can to keep the 'straw hat' hairstyle at bay. 

1. Wet it

Look before you leap. If you are a regular swimmer, you must have seen the showers that surround the pool. They are there for a reason more important than pool decorationHair soaked with fresh water is less likely to soak chlorine. Douse that hair well under the shower before you jump in. 

2. Keep it covered

Always make sure that you wear a rubber, swimming cap. It is that messiah that will keep out most of the damage done by chlorine water, even if it cannot keep all the water out. And please don’t complain that it’s too tight because most sports stores have swimming caps in all sizes…even if you have a big head. 

3. And keep it on…

We don’t mean the rubber cap! The effects of chlorine remain in your hair even after you are done swimming and drying up. Cover your hair up when you go out in the hot sun with a scarf or a cap/hat/ bandana/ dupatta, whatever it takes to prevent the after effects of chlorine from doing further damage to your hair. And this in fact can be your cool fashion statement for the hot months.

4. Post swim TLC

This is a tip that will save your hair from a lot of damage done by chlorine water.After your swim, rinse your hair thoroughly with fresh water and condition them again, only if required. A lot of us tend to skip the post-swim hair wash which causes the straw hair effect. Once you are done, gently pat your hair dry instead of rubbing or scrubbing it. Squeeze the water out of the hair and in case you want to blow dry it, use only the lower setting of your hair dryer as strong heat can dry out your hair. If you swim almost daily, once a week you must apply a deep conditioner and allow it to set on your hair for the required time.

5. Colour me not

If you are a regular swimmer, your hair will be subjected to enough dose of chlorine. Why would you further want to humiliate it by subjecting it to colours, treatments and perms? Go a bit low on the chemical treatments during the swimming season. Your hair needs a breath of fresh air and you should be giving it just that after your beauty swim.



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  1. awesome write-up.... my nieces go swimming everyday, will share this with my sister... thanks Sunila :-)
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