Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Simple exercises for healthy hair

If someone had told us that hours in front of the TV or computer would lead to bad hair, TV would have long been out of fashion. Surreal but true that these activities cause poor blood circulation to the head and with added stress of work, studies and bad posture, it can lead to dull and lifeless hair. Here are a few simple exercises which will improve blood circulation to your hair. I wrote down these tips when I was recently doing research on another article. I hope this will be of help to you all.

Touch your toes
But isn’t this an exercises to get inches off your waist? Well, you’ll be surprised that it works as well for your hair too. Stand with your feet apart and breathe in and out slowly. As you breathe in, lift both arms at the same time, stretching them upright and gradually, while bringing them down, release your breath and try touching your toes. Count five, without breathing in. Once done, gradually breathe in while coming up and taking your arms upright again. While standing straight, gently place your arms on your sides while breathing out. Do this exercise six times in a day.

Play tug of hair
Stand straight with your feet apart and breathe in and out slowly. Lean forward and gently grasp hair close to your scalp. Tug gently…very gently and firmly and relax your grip. Tug once again. Do this about three or four times and do it to all parts of your hair.

Go upside down
If you didn’t learn how to do a headstand when you were in school, now is the time to learn it. A headstand improves blood circulation to hair making it healthier. For those of you who cannot do a headstand, try this alternative…lay down on the bed and lift up your legs in a 90 degree position. For those of you, who are really lazy, support yourself with the wall. This posture also improves circulation to hair.

Neck it
Stand straight, place your hands on the hips and look straight ahead. Now slowly turn your head to the right and then to the left five times. Make sure that your movements are slow and gradual. Look straight once again. And repeat this exercise this time turning your head upwards and downwards. After this, roll your head in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Lastly, another good and easy exercise is to lie down on the bed with your neck hanging out beyond the mattress, slightly below the level of your body. But while doing this make sure your neck as adequate support. Most of these exercises can be done even when you are watching TV. So go ahead and workout for a fantastic head of hair.


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