Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Never give up, no matter how bad you are

I've been wanting to learn dance since I was a kid. Never got a chance. So finally when i got the opportunity, last year, at the age of 37, I began to learn dancing...hip hop, none the less. One of the most vigourous dance forms I think, ever invented!!!

Let me be honest. My myth about my skills as a dancer were busted in a couple of weeks. I'm terrible. I can't stretch, I'm self-conscious and I cannot remember the steps no matter what I do. Thank god there are no mirrors at our studio. To add to my agony, I am in a class filled with twenty year olds.
So you can only imagine my horror. So many times, in the last year, I have thought of giving it up. 

But then I read this article and it's changed my perspective towards the art. It's by one of my favourite authors called Leo Babuata. Here it goes...

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