Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Have you tried coloured kajals?

So recently, I purchased this set of coloured pencils online at amazon.in. I've never purchased cosmetics online and I've never even tried on coloured kajals. But since I was getting a great deal on the pencils, I wanted to experiment with a different look.

At about 350 bucks for a set of 6 pencils, this is a great deal. As shown here, I've tried it on the hand before putting it in my eyes. The consistency is like the regular kajal and honestly, I've been using it for over a month in my eyes and there hasn't been any irritation. It's so much more cost effective than the expensive brands which cost at least four times the amount and are not even that smooth. I bought this brand only and only after seeing and reading the reviews online as well as on amazon.in. It's a great way to experiment with your looks instead of spending it conservatively only on one colour and then regretting it.

CAUTION: Please buy cosmetics online only after you thoroughly read the reviews. Also, the first time, do a patch test to see if the product irritates your skin. Be especially careful of the products you will apply on your skin and in your eyes. I tried this product with caution and it worked for me.

NOTE: This is my personal experience and not a paid review by either the seller website or the cosmetic brand.

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