Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Book Review - Dissent by Deepak Kaul

dissentDissent, the collection of short stories written by Deepak Kaul, was a part of the Write India campaign which was run by Times of India, last year.

The collection begins well with the first story challenge, the titular story. I quite enjoyed reading the first three stories which connected well with the story prompts. Well written and a definitive beginning and end.

Perhaps in an effort to make it to the deadline of the competition, I feel that the writer lost the plot after that. The stories seem hurried, though written well, but then from there on, the ends are confusing, stories seem convoluted rather than written from the heart. They are breezy enough to make you read but sadly, the ends leave you very dissatisfied.

If the writer had put in a similar effort as he did in the earlier stories, this would have been a crisp. quick and breezy collection of short stories perfect for a quick flight or a short journey, enough to keep you entertained.

Writer's Melon sent me this book in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. I hope this is helpful to the writer as well as his readers.

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