Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Book Review - Graffiti by Joanie Pariera

So I started this book a few days ago via a review program on writers melon. So here is my honest feedback on the book. I've tried to make it as constructive as possible.
Story: 2/5
The story is about a bunch of people whose lives are intricately linked to one another through circumstances. The story could have perhaps been a bit more thrilling in terms of scenes and sequences. There wasn't anything new in the story and I couldn't relate to the characters at all. They seemed a bit convoluted.
Editing: 1/5
There is too much of unnecessary text and long drawn explanations which do nothing to take the story ahead. Because these unnecessary descriptions do nothing to take the story ahead. I found myself skipping pages just to get on with it. Could have been a lot more succinct and crisper. Editing for this book needs to be vastly improved.
Dialogues: 1/5
I could not connect with the conversations because I felt that most of the dialogues did not sound real. A lot of effort has gone into them while, I think they should flow naturally. May be, something written with a lot less effort will flow freely.
I certainly hope this helps the writer.

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