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Today, 28th feb in national science day in India.

Heres more for those of you who are interested. Please do read up on it. We need more scientific minds than religious fundamentalists in our midst today.

Whole wheat pan baked pizza (restaurant ishtyle)

Ever since the day I footed a bill of two and a half thousand at Pizza Hut for about five pizzas only (I paid tax of approx. 600 bucks!!! :-8) I'd decided that I am gonna ace the pizza at home at a fraction of the cost and many many times healthier. It took me a few attempts and disasters but I finally nailed it today. But there's a problem...I don't have an oven. So after some research I discovered that the non stick pan is a decent option to it. So here's the recipe for pizza which tastes almost as good as the one u will get outside. Ingredients: (For the base) 250 gms whole wheat atta (makes 5 bases) Half a pack of blue bird Instant yeast Pinch of sugar Salt, olive oil, water If u want to make it healthier you can add ajwain or ground flax seeds to the dough. Follow the instructions on the yeast pack to make the yeast paste. Remember that the yeast will froth so don't freak out. It's supposed to be like that. Add it to the flour with all the ing

"Giving Birth"...was it not overrated?

I have a friend who has been married for the past ten years. She's very well settled in her career and is doing well for herself. Her hubby works abroad and in general, they do not get in each others way and at the same time have a wonderful married life, each of them content in their worlds. And of course, they do not have any children. I've never thought it strange nor wanted to ask her about this but one day, while we were talking about stuff, she happened to mention that she never goes for weddings  or any other functions which involves a gathering of their families. "All they ask me is when I will have a child," she complained. "No one will ask me if I am doing well in my career or if my health is ok or anything else. It's always about when I am going to have a baby and yada yada yada. They then whisper behind my back and pass nasty comments.” Thus, my friend stopped going for these events altogether and has now become somewhat of a social r

Wife misbehaving? Just beat her...its so sad when that happens

Some days ago, we were returning from an event late in the night.   As we were driving along the highway, somewhere near Goregaon, an auto rickshaw passed by us. For a while it was driving beside us and to my shock I saw a woman in the backseat who was pinned to the ground and a man was stomping on her stomach while she was writhing in pain. The driver of the rickshaw driver drove on completely nonchalantly about what was happening behind him. My first thought was that the woman was being molested, because of the position she was in the auto. So I rolled down my window and yelled at the man to stop driving and as he slowed down, the woman managed to escape and jumped out of the moving vehicle to run towards us. I realized that she was a slum dweller from her dressing and demeanor. As we slowed down and blocked their way, she started banging on my passenger window asking for help. She smelt a bit strange and I suspected that she had been drinking. The man who was beating her

A dog is forever

I was walking Patch a few days ago and came across this lady who was pulling a black lab across the road. It took a fair amount of cajoling and pulling and the pooch finally consented, not at all happy with the situation. His object of attention was a young family of three comprising of a couple and their infant daughter. He's always like that around a family, his pet parent explained to me rather sheepishly because she saw me starring at her predicament. 'I adopted him from his original family who had him for ten years. Then, a few Months ago, they got a baby daughter and upon the doctors advice they decided that they no longer wanted the dog fearing that the child would catch some infections. I looked at Snoopy who kept looking over his shoulder at the family. His tail was wagging non stop and his eyes were gleaming. 'How lucky you are,' I said to his new mother, 'to get the love of an animal so clever and kind.' She nodded and dragged him away and I