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Book Review - The Peshwa by Ram Sivasankaran

There has been plenty written about the Peshwa in books, novels and even movies. Therefore writing another novel on the subject is certainly a brave move because comparisons with earlier works are inevitable. The writer needn't worry about the earlier works because with his beautiful narration, he brings to life, yet again, this wonderful story of the brave Maratha warriors and their families, which has been told to generations all down the ages. I quite enjoyed the author's narration and his vivid description which brought the story alive front of my eyes like I was watching it on television. The beauty of the book likes in its ability to transport the reader into the world of the characters and people it speaks about and the author has managed to do it with aplomb. Enjoyable read especially for those who enjoy a walk back into time, especially with royalty. This book was sent to me by Writer's Melon for review.