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List of must-visit websites

So how many hours on an average do you spend on facebook? Like you, I've too been a victim of pointless surfing for a while now. But while I have been at it, I have also had the fortune of coming across some really interesting websites. Here is my list of go-to websites when I need to get my daily dose of mindless surfing as well as interesting info.  WWW.THEMINDUNLEASHED.ORG  There are websites for your health, and there are those which talk about your skin and fashion and what not. But this is one which talks about the one organ that rules it all...your mind. A repository of some fantastic articles, which are simple to understand at make you look at a perspective you would have possible never considered. WWW.DIPLY.COM Whether you are someone living in the hostel, or as a PG or as a newly married couple or even a well trained home maker, you are always going to need tips to make your home, office and life more streamlined and even cost effective. Some amazing t