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Why does Deepika's cleavage make headlines?

Deepika's cleavage made headlines that day. And why not?  It is what we want. Don't we? No? Then how come the video got so many likes and comments if no one wanted to see it?  And isn't that exactly what that newspaper was looking for? Eyeballs? Well, they got got what they wanted, we got our daily dose of drama and skin and...everyone's happy in the bargain.  They say that a newspaper often depicts the mood of a nation. Going by the path most leading dailies are taking, it doesn't bode well for us.    Why go so far? Look at your own Facebook account. Put up a racy pic or a raunchy joke and get maximum likes for it. On the contrary, share a true account of a woman getting molested and there are chances that no one will share or like the status.  As soon as we got to know about deepika's cleavage news we all googled about it I'm sure. I did too, let me be honest. But it did not load on my computer and perhaps it wasn't meant to be.  That three minutes of