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Shouldn't you be self-censoring what you share on your social media?

 Do you think about the repercussions of what you share on social media? A random whatsapp video, a link on Facebook, retweeting's just a second to press the share button. But the consequences of our unthinking actions could have very serious consequences. CASE 1: A couple of hours ago, I received a video on Whatsapp. It was about a family being asked to leave a movie theater because they did not stand up for the national anthem. The message that came along with the video insinuated that the people in question belonged to a minority community. I watched the video and I didn't think I could make out which community the people belonged to. This video is widely being shared all over as I type this. Some astute journalists have removed the reference to religion while a major newspaper, known for its low journalism ethics has retained the reference in its headlines. Not standing up for the national anthem is not a religious flaw. It's the mentality of the