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3 must-see series for women on Netflix and Amazon Prime

So transition from TV entertainment, to the internet is complete. Now I am just one phone call away from disconnecting my cable subscription. In the meanwhile, the last I heard was that a bunch of you were hissing at the umpteenth season of a shape shifting reptile who is ruling the prime time nowadays. Or if you don't have the stomach for it, some of you, I hear, are having to eat an insipid diet of kitchen wars and neighbourhood gossips. I was beginning to think that there was no hope for female kind at least in the entertainment business...until I came across these series. So I implore you to finally cut the umbilical cord between you and terrible content being churned out in the name of are 3 series which you must catch up on the Internet. Strong, interesting and layered female characters, women who you can laugh with and at and most importantly, stories which stay with you long after you have turned off that WiFi button.   1. GRACE &