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Women empowerment is nothing but a farce

‪#‎Womenempowerment‬ is just another farce. For the past few days, I've been hearing about Women's Day and discounts and felicitations and what not. Pamper the woman for a day, and then rape, molest, belittle, defile, insult her for the rest of the year. But I have an experience that I have to share. I've probably written about it some time ago. I can't remember. This is a memory of the day I had gone for a job interview with a certain 'gentleman'. The job was mine...well almost, up until I revealed I had a young child. His expression and attitude suddenly changed and the conversation took a sudden backward turn from "What's your salary expectation" to "Let me see how you write. Let's give you a writing test!" Was it his way of saying "I don't hire women employees with kids and families."? Or probably, he was afraid that what he couldn't do in 12 hours, I could probably do, and much better, in 2...AND ma

Make the most of NOW

Hi everyone  It's good to be back on the blog once again. Here's a video which I came across on Twitter and I'd like to share it with you. This is a lovely animal doing what it does best. Absolutely silly stuff. But we all need to do this every day. Making the most of what's been given to us. Don't you think? Check out the link to the video.