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Recipe - Thukpa (from Ladakh)

So my husband returned yesterday from Ladakh and he told me about this exquisite and delicately spiced noodle soup which they had as a staple diet throughout the ride. This is what it looks like and I tried to make it today. Here's the recipe: It's quite simple. 1. Boil just a handful of noodles with a bit of salt. 2. Heat oil and add some minced garlic and chopped green chillies. 3. Add a cup of onion. Cook till translucent. Add chopped tomatoes. Cook well. 4. Add veggies of your choice. Cabbage, French beans, mushrooms, cabbage, corn, carrots etc. If you want the non-veg version, add shredded chicken. 5. Saute and let them turn soft. 6. Add garam masala (just a tad pinch), red chilly powder (pinch), black pepper powder, salt and chicken masala (even for the veg version). I also added some Maggi magic masala. 7. Add water and let it boil, like soup. When it's done, add the noodles and top it up with coriander. You can add a spot of vinegar too, if you want a tan