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Because the doc says so...

When my daughter was little, she suffered from constant colds and terrible coughs. And a apart from all the other home-remedies, there were a few very vital tips which her pediatrician told me to keep the immune system up and running. 1     1. It begins with a robust diet Surprisingly, children’s immune system takes a beating if bombarded with too much sugar. And ironically, we bombard our children with jams, chocolates, sweets, laddoos and what not. This fact shook me completely and I’ve practically thrown most sugar out of my kitchen with the exception of jiggery, honey and some khadi shakkar. He alo told me that sugar has been shown in many clinical trials to actually suppress immunity. To keep kids well, limit their overall intake of additives, sugar, and find out which foods are allergens. Focus on plenty of fresh veggies, whole fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, eggs, and meat. 2     2. Maintain your child's microbiota! At first, I was flummoxed by what he s