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I need help

It looks like an inverted dimple But it's really not so simple It's a feeling of depression and killjoy It can make you cringe and weep And can rob you of your sleep It can plunder all your happiness and joy It settles like a pest Like an uninvited guest It will stay on, no matter how hard you try For some, it will be worse, Like an ancient Indian curse, The pimple was created to destroy It makes me hide and shiver Throw a boulder at my mirror I left my best friends pleading at my gate All the latest disco parties, No, I can't come, all you smarties Why don't you leave me by myself to hibernate? They make these little marks Like I got bitten by some sharks These pimples are the bane of my existence The boys, they call me Spotty It makes me feel like potty These little monsters are just testing my persistence I wish I had a trick Or perhaps a magic stick To make this globule vanish like a ghost If you give me a solution Or a clever magic potion, I wil

Five reasons why I never want to shop on Flipkart again.

Once is a mistake, but five's killing your own business. Reason 1: Last week I ordered this from flipkart... Looks stylish, seems like a good deal to me. This is what I got instead... Horribly substandard sunglasses which I can buy from the road for less than 200 rupees. And I paid Rs. 600 for them. Incidenly, according to flipkart, the retail price is 1600!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REASON No. 2: Here is what I ordered. Here is what I got!!! PS: The replacement I got is also without the backcase. So I am thinking that they are fraudulently selling the items by giving the inaccurate description of the product.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ REASON No. 3: Here is what I ordered...  Here's what I got. I paid 800 rupees for an ipad cover and I can't even get the colour

The Sanctuary of Truth - Thailand...some images

The Sanctuary of Truth is an idyllic spot on Pattaya, some two hours away from Bangkok in Thailand. It is a structure made entirely of teak wood and even as we speak, more and more pieces are added to it on an ongoing basis. What's really surprising about this place is that the Gayatri Mantra keeps playing here all the time. It's amazing na?