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Mini Didi's Choice

As I read the subject of Indispire, his week, a true story instantly came to my mind. Here it is for all of you…I will try and keep it as short as possible.  When we were little kids, one of our friends had an elder sister called Minaxi. We all called her Mini Didi. As kids, she was our role model. A state level swimmer, quite decent at her studies too, vivacious, very well spoken and exuberant. Our mothers told us to follow her example and be as disciplined as she was.  The years passed and Mini Didi went away to college to another city. We didn't hear much about her for a very long time until we got her wedding invitation.  It was wonderful and the event was as much fun as we all had expected and Mini Didi was far from the blushing bride that we all hope to see.  Then, few more years later, I had to deliver some parcel to Mini Didi in the town where she lived with her in-laws. I looked forward to visiting her because it was always fun when she was around. When she o