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Have you tried coloured kajals?

So recently, I purchased this set of coloured pencils online at I've never purchased cosmetics online and I've never even tried on coloured kajals. But since I was getting a great deal on the pencils, I wanted to experiment with a different look. At about 350 bucks for a set of 6 pencils, this is a great deal. As shown here, I've tried it on the hand before putting it in my eyes. The consistency is like the regular kajal and honestly, I've been using it for over a month in my eyes and there hasn't been any irritation. It's so much more cost effective than the expensive brands which cost at least four times the amount and are not even that smooth. I bought this brand only and only after seeing and reading the reviews online as well as on It's a great way to experiment with your looks instead of spending it conservatively only on one colour and then regretting it. CAUTION: Please buy cosmetics online only after you thoroughly read

How online veggie shopping changed my life...

If you like your daily dose of haggling with your vegetable vendor, then then this blog post is not for you. But for those of you who hate buying veggies as much as I do, you will probably understand what I am trying to say. If I can avoid cooking, I will. If I can avoid eating vegetables and fruits, I certainly will. And if I can avoid the drudgery of hauling big shopping baskets all over the countryside, count me in pal!!! I am all yours. Up until now, I used to buy small quantities of vegetables primarily because I don't like heavy bags digging into my fingers and rendering them painful. My fingers are the tools of my trade and I would rather like to keep them healthy. I also do not like bhajiwallas who deliver vegetables right at home because I cannot be sure if his delivery Chotu has flicked a carrot or two on the way to my house. I don't have a weighing machine and there is no way I can tell. Then one day, I came across an online grocery shopping portal. I sh

Angels or sinners? Tell me.

Here are two videos which suddenly became infamous in the recent past...a subject of many parodies and were wildly tweeted and messaged all over the world. A lot of people mocked and had a good laugh at these videos. Now let's be really honest. There's a lot of content out there, which has been made with the intent of malice. People maligning each other via photos, videos, texts and so on. There is this dangerously large volume of content developed with the intent of harming kids and youngsters. And then there is this type of content, made without the intention of really harming anyone. Call it a self promotional trip or a late awakening, if you may, these people are putting themselves out there with the intention of entertaining themselves or others. It may be a hit, or it may even be a miss (in which case, they face the danger of severe trolling), but I fell that they are doing something to perhaps fulfill their inner dreams. it is up to us, to chose if we want to