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How to combat swimming pool chlorine

Dear friends,  As I write this, the summer is beating down outside my window and not a single leaf moves on the gulmohar tree next to my house. Isn't this the most opportune time to bring out your swimming costumes and dive into the pool? Swimming is one of the best exercises ever but unfortunately, I can't reall say the same thing about its effects on your hair. If you are not particularly careful, you may end up with an athlete's chiselled body and hair looking like the cow's chewing cud.  I remembered an article which I had written long ago for some magazine which spoke about hair care for swimmers. I am reproducing it here for all those of you who swim but don't know how to take care of the chlorine in the water. Here they are. I hope these tips are useful to you. Before your swim, wet your hair If you are a regular swimmer, you must have seen the showers that surround the pool. They are there for a reason more important than pool decorati


At the time, it seemed very large and it was quite heavy. It was a hand me down, from someone who obviously didn't live or breathe to read. It was a very old edition of the 1001 Arabian Nights.  The book was unforgettable in so many ways.  It was so heavy that my two little hands would ache just by carrying it around.   It was perhaps as old as the Arabian Night stories. The pages were yellowed and frayed at the edges, the spine was almost coming off and the book had an 'old book' smell to it, if you know what I mean. Most book lovers will recognise the musty odour of an old book.  But even inspite of its sad condition, it was the most beautiful book to me. A sky-blue hard bound cover, approximately a foot long and two inches thick, the book had the most beautiful hand drawn illustrations.  I must have been five or six when my mother gave me the book. At the time, I was just about beginning to decipher the alphabet. My mother would read parts of it every

Postcards from Rajasthan

Meherangarh Fort, Jodhpur The beautiful blue city of Jodhpur from atop Mehrangarh Fort

The Missing Tile Syndrome

At some point or the other, in our lives, we have all been afflicted by the 'Missing Tile' syndrome. This has been so beautifully explained in the video. To put it in a nutshell, the missing tile is that piece which gets the most focus of our attention. Comparing this to our lives, we are always concentrating on the tile which is missing. Better jobs, better hair, looks, someone else's kids...thereby completely ignoring what we already have. Check out this video and let me know what you think...

David and Goliath

That's Patch the Pooch and Tooshielia the Turtle. They are my four legged babies. They are best of friends and Tooshie bullies my little big Patch whenever she gets the chance. As you can see, he is mighty scared of her especially when she looks at him defiantly, right into his eyes. Pic Copyright: Sunila Karir

Say NO to stay safe

Late night, a few weeks ago, I got a call from my friend. She was very upset. She was being constantly being pursued by someone who she didn’t want to be friends with. They were on the same vacation group tour where he had come with his wife. Their personal interaction during the tour was minimal and she never responded to him even when he tried to befriend her.   After the tour, this person began to send her messages on her phone. She chose to ignore them because she had no intention of being friends with him. “He creeps me out.” She had complained, during my chat with her, while her holiday was still going on. She blocked his number on her phone. So he contacted her via Facebook. She blocked him there too. It didn’t end there. A few nights ago, he sent her another barrage of messages…from another phone number. That’s when she called me in utter distress. She didn’t respond to his message and simply blocked him. She lives alone, in a big city. At this stage, sh