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The Dog and the Elephant

This beautiful story came to me as a forward on facebook. At one time or the other, we have been riddled with self-doubt. We constantlt compare ourselves with other people and things...even in circumnstances that we cannot control. Therefore, this story makes such a wonderful point and puts things in perspective. 

Instant Dosa Mix Recipe

So I found this excellent recipe for an instant dosa mix on Hebbar's Kitchen. A page which I follow on youtube. This is a quick and easy mix.

When they found Sridevi's lost sister

When I was a girl, my father had subscribed to the magazine 'Cine Blitz' which was delivered, each and every month, to his office address. One evening, my father came home looking very excited. Opening his Samsonite briefcase (yes, those were the days when all respectable office going people had to carry a briefcase), he brouhgt out the latest issue of Cine Blitz. Now remember, those were the days of limited TV and there wasn't much of a concept of Page 3 back, so we got most of our filmy gossip in magazines. Month on month, we would wait for the issue to be delivered. And we would take turns to devour the filmy gossip.  So coming back to the point, calling out to my mom, my dad waved the magazine in front of me looking very excited.  Actual Cover of Cine Blitz "It seems that Sridevi had a beautiful sister hidden away somewhere and no one in the world knew about it." "What?" I was more excited than my mother. There she was, on the c