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My favourite ad!!!

If you are a reader and live to read, you will instantly connect with this ad. It's the best...of course, as is the product. 

Gifting ideas for mothers (and no, I'm not talking about juicers, mixers, jewellery, clothes or perfumes.)

Mother's Day is around the corner. What are you thinking of getting for your mom? A very popular departmental store is advertising special gifts for Mother's Day. Mixers and juicers and blenders and bakery items et al. Stereotypical, isn't it? Their marketing team needs to delve deeper into the 'mommy psyche' in the modern age jewellery, kitchenware, clothes, makeup, chocolates, flowers...oh my god! The most stereotyped and overrated gifts for mother's day. Think deeply...think like your mother. What she would like...and you will realise that there is a wealth of items out there which are not even being considered as potential gifts.   Here are some items which can make for some excellent gifts for your mums. Feel free to add to this list. 1. Apple TV/ Chromecast These are fantastic gadgets which convert your phone into an instant transmitter and whatever you see on your phone is mirrored on your TV. So you could be watching a movie on your screen and wi