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IQ is not the only barometer of your child's smartness. Here's 9 types...

For all you mums and dads out there, here are a few very important things you need to understand about your child’s intelligence. It’s not about IQ. There’s something called PQ, EQ…and so on and so forth. I wonder why this theory was not proposed when we were kids? We’d all have a bunch of thriving sports people, photographers, artists and what not. Some years ago, I came across a very interesting article; I think it was in the Readers’ Digest, about different types of intelligence. Up until now, I had heard about IQ…but I was surprised to learn that there were different types of intelligences and that every person excelled in at least one type and every one had a modicum of each of this type. I googled a bit recently and learnt that this theory was presented by a scientist who went by the name of Howard Gardener and I present here his theory as written by him. If you want to learn more about it you can visit the Theory Of Multiple Intelligence page here…The portions in red are

Living without my smartphone…and thriving

I’ve always been addicted to rectangles of all sorts. What began in my school years with TV continued when I began to work, via computers which went on and on and got worse with the Internet.   Even when I was a full time employee, I have to sheepishly confess that a large part of my day was spent on mindlessly surfing the internet and playing games. Then came the era of smartphones and now finally with my lap top and tablet, the cycle of this addiction seemed to never come to an end. At every juncture of my life, I have been pre-occupied with some addiction of this sort or another. Till finally one day, it dawned upon me that I was getting older and apparently nowhere near the writer I wanted to ever be.   About a couple of weeks or so ago, I came across a really nice article which you guys can read here . It was about how you could actually lead a life away from your phone. Letting go of my iPhone was easier than I could have thought possible. Out came my good old qwe

If...A heartfelt plea to the smelly man, Kipling style

If...a heartfelt plea to the smelly man If you think you can keep your head when all around you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, And if your colleagues who always lunched with you Now seem to have disappeared into the blue Your assistant whose heart did the tango for you, She’s giving excuses that there’s too much work to do Or if your young interns for whom you were a star No longer seem interested in your fancy new car. If at home, the sorry situation is no better Your wife won’t be seen but talks through a letter, And if the roses in your window, ones that you bloomed Seem to have shriveled and immersed in a pall of gloom And if one day, most unfortunately, you discover That you spend more on air freshener than on food or water Or if one day morning while you’re out on your jog, You discover you’re followed by the neighbourhood dogs. If it finally dawns on you, if you’re lucky enough You’ll realize what’s happening and why it’s so to

Holi shit!!! Who’s cleaning this up?

It’s the day after Holi. It’s not a nice day to go out on the streets at all. There’s thousands of plastic bags littering the streets everywhere…and puddles of ugly red, black and green water which u have to precariously evade. And in some cases, carelessly strewn food and paper plates after the senseless revelry of last evening. Hungry stray dogs and cows feed on these leftovers mindless of the fact that they may also be ingesting the tiny plastic bags which kids use as water balloons to pelt on to unsuspecting strangers…all in the name of a festival. When did we get to be so stupid? When did festivals begin to become so hazardous? Holi is not the only instance. Take Ganapati Festival. It’s noisy, a traffic nuisance and not to forget the horrible horrible water pollution that happens post Visarjan day. Diwali…again, utter noise pollution, releases incredible levels of toxins in the air which we all breath and perhaps it is what clouds our thinking. There’s not a single


V. S. Sampat, Chief Election Commissionr Of India, said on 05/03/2014 that... Any citizen of India who is not having voter id, or lost it can directly go to poll booth and can fill a form on the spot with supportive documents and can vote. Please pass on this information to all and make each Indian to vote. Maharashtra poll dates 10, 17, & 24 April. Pls don't plan vacation on these dates. WE NEED CHANGE Mumbai poll date:- 24/04/2014