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Hair care for swimmers

I dread going swimming especially in summers...ironical because it's the best time to swim.  While a swim in the pool can do wonders for a heat-stricken body, the same cannot be said about its effects on my hair. While in the pool, it's wonderful, after a few hours, my ar ends up looking like a bird nest. But here are some things you can to keep the 'straw hat' hairstyle at bay.  1.  Wet it Look before you leap.   If you are a regular swimmer,  you must have seen the showers that  surround the pool .  They are there for a reason  more important than pool decoration .  Hair soaked with fresh water is less likely to soak chlorine. D ouse that hair well under the shower before you jump in.  2.  Keep it covered Always make sure that you wear a rubber, swimming cap. It is that messiah that will keep out most of the damage done by chlorine water, even if it cannot keep all the water out. And please don’t complain that it’s too tight because most sports stores have swimming ca

Simple exercises for healthy hair

If someone had told us that hours in front of the TV or computer would lead to bad hair, TV would have long been out of fashion. Surreal but true that these activities cause poor blood circulation to the head and with added stress of work, studies and bad posture, it can lead to dull and lifeless hair. Here are a few simple exercises which will improve blood circulation to your hair. I wrote down these tips when I was recently doing research on another article. I hope this will be of help to you all. Touch your toes But isn’t this an exercises to get inches off your waist? Well, you’ll be surprised that it works as well for your hair too. Stand with your feet apart and breathe in and out slowly. As you breathe in, lift both arms at the same time, stretching them upright and gradually, while bringing them down, release your breath and try touching your toes. Count five, without breathing in. Once done, gradually breathe in while coming up and taking your arms upright again.