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Show what you can do for her.

I had a terrible fight some days ago. Over Whatsapp. With a bunch of friends. This was on the day that we elected a new Prime Minister. As expected, there were people who were for and against the election. Of course, there were people fighting all over that day. On Facebook, on Twitter, on TV...just about everyone seemed to be passionately involved...perhaps for the first time...with the upcoming future of the country. But the outcome of my fight was bad. One girl from the chat group, she's just shifted abroad...two days before the election day. She stopped talking with me altogether. It's because I called her an idiot. And that's because she felt that 550 million people who had voted were idiots and that nothing good would ever come out of it all. Even the last time, when we had lit candles for Anna Hazare, she had called them idiots. I think I'd just had enough. I made a point...but perhaps lost a friend. Was I wrong? Well, I did feel terrible for being hard o

Point of View

I learnt this poem way back in school and even now it makes so much sense. Sometimes, to see things as they are, you have to change your own position.  Here it goes... Head downward hung the bat It looked over field and town "It's very clear to me," he said "The world is upside down." "How silly," laughed the pup "You know it isn't true The world is right side up What's upside down is you."

The Ladyfinger's Story

The Ladyfinger's story - Sunila Karir IT WAS early one morning at the vegetable market and activity was in full swing. “Potatoes, 10 rupees a kilo, jaldi lelo, jaldi,” a vendor cried out from one corner of the market.  “Green, Green peas, fresh from the farm,” yelled another farmer.  It was Tuesday and the vegetable market was very crowded. Vegetables of all types, shapes and sizes were brought here every Tuesday. It was the weekly market day you see, and people from all parts of the city came here to buy their weekly supply of fresh veggies at really rock bottom prices. Right in the middle of this cacophony was a tall heap of the greenest, most delectable looking ladyfingers. “Fry them crisp…make them yum, Bhindi is for everyone” The bhindiwallah cried out in his off key voice. Men and women were rummaging through the ladyfingers, carefully picking and choosing the best of the lot.   Now while all the ladyfingers were shiny and fresh and perfectly f

So will you donate an organ after you die?

Last week, we got the terrible news via facebook, that an old colleague met with an accident and he was in coma with little or no chances of survival.We rallied around to generate funds for his family at least till the time they could get back on their feet and his wife could get emplyoment. Then we came up with the thought that perhaps, being so young, his organs could be set up for donation. Unfortunately, the family did not agree on this and later that evening, our friend died and his remains were cremated as per is the norms of the Hindu custom. That very day, I read an article in Mumbai Mirror in which families of 2 brain dead patients donated their organs which helped seven other patients. Little or nothing is known about organ donation in India. Read here. I googled and found this link in case you want to know more... It is not a very appealing thought to anyone, especially the family of the deceased...but as my doctor friend told me..."