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Log in...and baggout

It was a bright day, Sometime in hot May, And I thought I would shop till I drop But then on a whim, I went for a swim, It was there that I saw the blue top. Her hair was like silk Her skin was like milk Miss India, was sunbathing in glee And her clothes were so nice Full of sugar and spice I was filled with loath and envy I trudged up the pool Looking like a fool But I couldn’t resist, you see “Where did you get this? “Which sale did I miss?” I imagined the shopping spree. “Oh it wasn’t a store If you want to know more Go to and browse It’s not like a shop But it’s more like a prop To get deals on bag, clothes or blouse.” “So unlike most websites Which seem so trite This one will tell you what’s best People put their suggestions You can ask them more questions, And will separate the good from the rest” “It will give you coupons It will give your cash back It will tell you what to take, what

And I watch TV only for these guys...

And my vote goes to... Alan Shore 1. Alan Shore from Boston Legal I never really liked courtroom dramas until one day, I caught Alan Shore in the courtroom, making a fervent plea for the underdog. And then came the day, when Shirley asked him "Why are you even interested in me?" Alan replies, "Your intellect dazzles me." How could you not love a man like that...who can love someone for all the right things? Dr. Gregory House 2. Dr. Gregory House from HOUSE MD May be it is his brooding looks or extremely sexy, no nonesense attitude or even his dry humour, this man man gets my vote. Unpretentious and unrelenting, the doctor with a tongue of vile but with his heart in his right place, much like the man above, he gets my vote. Carrie Bradshaw 3. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City Writer, writer and writer. And while all over the world, writers are nerds who hide behind thick glasses and copious bundles of paper, here is one who is

So do you also misjudge people like I once did?

This is a true story and it happened to me a few years ago. Read on... Half my college was in love with her…the other half comprised of girls. The guys wanted to have her…and the girls wanted to have what she had. There is only one of her type in every college; unfortunately, even one of her is enough to cause enough heartburn to the others of her species. Anyways, I don’t know about the others in my college but I had one particular axe to grind with her. She happened to be the love interest of a love interest. I am sure you’d agree that this was reason enough to despise her. Add to the fact that at an age when I should have been at the prime of my beauty, I had a body not a lot of people can be envious about, I wore thick glasses…and my face was a fertile ground for acne. In short, I was perhaps the type who was everyone’s buddy but no one’s girlfriend, resultant of which I became a boy with the boys and a tomboy with the girls. My gang of friends grew but this did nothi

Try this before u throw out overripe papaya and mash melon

I hate to throw away over ripe fruit and it seems to be happening once to often in my fridge. On Friday I discovered two overripe papayas  as well as musk melon in my fridge and I didn't have the heart to throw them nor the guts to eat them. So I did a bit of googling and found out these amazing recipes for papaya halwa as well as mash melon milkshake. So adding some and deleting some ingredients, I found these recipes that worked for me... Papaya Halwa: Papaya Halwa Ingredients: Ripe Papayas Sugar Ground Almonds (15-20) Elaichi (3) Ghee (2-3 tablespoons) Salt (pinch) Method: 1.Grate/ Cube the papaya 2. Heat the ghee and add papaya and cook till soft (about 15 mins) 3. Add salt and sugar (to taste) 4. Add almond powder and ground elaichi. 5. Allow to cook till it has a sticky consistency like gajar Halwa 6. Garnish with cashews/ pistas Musk Melon juice/ Milkshake Musk Melon Milkshake Ingredients: Ripe Musk melon Sugar Milk (if you want) Method:

Sweet dreams and some more...are made like this.

The tiny flecks in her dark brown eyes shimmered as she stood on the tips of her toes to reach the dining table to glare lovingly, longingly into the pristine, clear glass bowl and its deep red contents. As she took in the rich, deep aroma of roasted spices married to farm fresh tomatoes, onions, a dribble ran down her soft, plump, baby lips. The tender, white and crisp cubes of cottage cheese soaking in the red gravy caught her eye and she knew that today was something very special. Her eyes then wandered to a flat white plate, her most favourite one…the one with orange and blue butterflies design. Her mother had warned her to never touch those. They were far too precious and pretty. But once in a while, when her mother was away, she bribed the maid with a candy and ate her biscuits and milk on it. Today, this plate held a pile of perfectly round, thin rotis, layered one upon the other, slathered with home made ghee and fine garlic pieces. Her tiny heart skipped a beat at the th

So have you experienced the glass ceiling?

Experience 1: A few years ago, I was called for an interview by a very reputed media house. I had a decent resume and the interview went very well. It was all nice and we were about to discuss the financial terms. The person in question asked me about my family. I told him I had a school going daughter. Out of the blue, he told me that if I wanted a job, I would have to give a copy test. I was rather puzzled because only newbie writers give a copy test. Not the ones who have worked for over a decade. He abruptly cut short the interview and told me he would get back to me. I didn't think much about it right then but on the ride back home, I suddenly realized that the moment I revealed that I  had a child, this person backed off. I'm assuming there were men in his organization who had kids...and were still on the job. Experience 2: Another time, I went to another company for a job. Same experience there too. The moment, I told them that I was married with a child, they

I missss...

...the smell of an old library book.  ...waiting all week to see the Sunday special movie on doordarshan.  ...sending and receiving birthday greeting cards   ...taping and listening to few chosen songs on a music cassette.  getting an actual wedding invite instead of a Facebook invite to the event. ...the thrill of meeting someone after many years and knowing more about their life...because Facebook has already told me. :( pens and ink pots and stains all over our school uniforms. As contributed by Qamar Waheed Naqvi .

Before and after...the life of an Indiblogger

Let me be honest. I actively began to blog only after I discovered Indiblogger. Up until then, I put up my blog link on Facebook with little or no feedback on my writing. Now for me, the incentive of writing is so that people should read it.I always have something to say and it needs to be heard. I realised, over a period of time, that people on facebook were not interested in my ramblings and so I had abandoned my blog for the longest time. It was only when I realised that I could actually get feedback on my blog and there are like minded people out there who actually want to read things...did I begin to spend time on my writing. I have never looked back since. One of my contest posts won me an iPad Mini. Yoo hoo.. And ever since, my writing has only improved. Honestly, I have to thank Indiblogger and it's team for this wonderful initiative. It is especially inspiring for writers like to know that there is at least someone out there who cares about the stuff we put out

The Metro Song...

Life on a Metro...the ride to and fro and the important info in a video log

My video must have given you the experience more or less, and here is more information for those wishing to travel on the rail.So here are is my experience in a nutshell: The train runs from: Versova toGhatkopar and back Timings: 3-4 mins from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm Time taken: 23 mins Compartments: General AC: Yes Provision for handicapped: Yes. Escalators/ Elevators et al Tickets: Currently Rs. 10 for a one way journey Ticketing: Counters as well as Vending Machines  Food stalls: Yes. On the first level. First Aid: Yes. Security: So far, so good. Safety: Since the platform is the same level as the train, it's safe.

Stunning place of the day

So I was just googling for some of the prettiest places in the world and came across a place so stunning that it was difficult to believe that it exists. It's amazing that such a landscape can actually exist. Check out this video... I googled further and here is the information I got from a website... The Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park is located in southwest China and contains more than a few unusual features. Probably the most startling are the multicolored mountains known as Danxia landforms. The surreal coloration comes from red sandstone and natural mineral deposits that have formed over the course of 24 million years. Each “stripe” constitutes a different mineral, and over the ages, they’ve formed layer upon layer, resulting in a rainbow pattern. Erosion from wind and rain has further polished the surfaces of the mountains. China is the only place in the world with this type of mineral formation, and a few of the landforms have become UNESCO World