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A few days ago, I got into, what a lot of people call, a creative block. I'll mainly blame it on the hot, sweltering Bombay heat...but it has also got to do with the fact that the daily routine can get to people more often than we think. Especially those who are constantly looking for some creative inspiration. So, in the midst of a dull day like that one, I decided to take a walk to the local book store to enliven my mind just a bit. Among the various book shelves, I spotted colouring books. Now while I would have normally not halted before that shelf, simply because my Kiara is way past her colouring age, the words "Colouring book for adults" got my attention.  As I opened them with the greatest of curiosity, I was greeted with numerous lovely designs and posters and drawings in black and white, waiting to be filled by people like you and me.  While I didn't buy the book, the subject piqued my curiosity and I came home to do a bit of google research on

Lose 10 kgs of self-loath, gain 20 kgs of self-love

This is not an ad. Certainly not...but don't you think there needs to be a business like that? One which sells self-confidence and optimism? Because as I look around me, there seems to be a severe deficit of both. Consider the headlines which have been doing the rounds... 1. Young actress commits suicide because of depression 2. Homosexual couple fears social isolation and jumps to death 3. 13-year-olds willing to undergo liposuction to lose their 'fat' 4. Peer pressure leads to a growth in 'fad' diets It's not very happy news it is? Which reminds me of an incident I witnessed just yesterday, that actually prompted me to write this post. As I took Patch, my Pooch, for his evening walk, I came across a young girl (not more than 20) standing outside a shop, which advertised 'designer bodies'. Wait what??? Designer bodies?? What was this? Here were the services they offered... Lip Reconstruction Nose realignment Tummy Tuck Eye Shape Enh