Gifting ideas for mothers (and no, I'm not talking about juicers, mixers, jewellery, clothes or perfumes.)

Mother's Day is around the corner. What are you thinking of getting for your mom? A very popular departmental store is advertising special gifts for Mother's Day. Mixers and juicers and blenders and bakery items et al. Stereotypical, isn't it? Their marketing team needs to delve deeper into the 'mommy psyche' in the modern age jewellery, kitchenware, clothes, makeup, chocolates, flowers...oh my god! The most stereotyped and overrated gifts for mother's day. Think deeply...think like your mother. What she would like...and you will realise that there is a wealth of items out there which are not even being considered as potential gifts.   Here are some items which can make for some excellent gifts for your mums. Feel free to add to this list.

1. Apple TV/ Chromecast

These are fantastic gadgets which convert your phone into an instant transmitter and whatever you see on your phone is mirrored on your TV. So you could be watching a movie on your screen and with the help of these gadgets, all you need is a wifi connection (which most of us have) and viola...transmit any video from your phone to the TV set. I recently bought a Chromecast for my mother and grandmother. They have become online content addicts. They watch plays, old movies and what not available for free on youtube, movies, documentaries which are never ever transmitted on TV. These gadgets are easy to use and cost between 3000 to about 10000 and some even more. But they are worth every paisa. A makes for a truly wonderful gift...and I speak with personal experience.

2. Kindle/ Kobo/ Nook et al. (E-book readers)
I know a lot of women who love to read. An ebook reader is a blessing for all of us who love to read. E-readers are a technological marvel (after air conditioning) and a blessing for all those of us who live to read. And honestly, for all those of you who like to read, it doesn't matter whether it is an ebook or a normal paperback. Words are the same. This is a perfect gift for all those mums who love reading. Just also get her an unlimited library subscription of whatever gadget you buy for her.

3. Sports Shoes and fitness bands
I have to admit. The older generation is a lot more health conscious then the younger lot. My mother and grandmother as well as my in-laws, they don't go a single day without their morning walks, yoga sessions etc. A good pair of sturdy walking or running shoes can add a spring to their step and motivate them further. The same goes for fitness bands cum trackers which are quite a rage nowadays and can help keep them a track of their daily activities.

4.  Colouring books and brush pens
Colouring books are a fantastic stress buster. I've tried those myself and I am hooked on to these wonderful colouring pages. Colouring books will make for great gifts for Mother's Day. Best stress busters ever.

5. Membership for her favourite hobby class
They may have wanted to do it for so long but they won't do it. Unless you don't prompt and prod, they will think that paying money for a hobby class, that too for their own selves, it is a complete waste of money. So why don't you sign them up for something which they truly love doing? Some of them want to learn the keyboard, some want to learn French and yet others want to sample with scuba diving. Find the thing she loves and just set her off on this new exciting hobby. She will discover a whole new side to her.

Do you have any more ideas? Please feel free to add to the list. Let me kow what else can make for some excellent presents for your mom! Add in the comments section and I will update this list.

Please note: This article is purely written as a personal choice. I have NOT been paid by any of the brands which have been mentioned in the article and this is NOT a promotional piece. It is purely for information.


  1. Hi Sunila .Lovely gift ideas.I ust got a kindle for me and going to check out the chromecast .It sounds amazing.

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