A rose by the name of both its parents...would certainly smell sweeter

A lot of her friends ask my daughter why she has two alphabets for her middle name.  She says to them "one is for my father." And the other? "Why of course, my mum. Who else?" 

On one hot and sweaty afternoon, I found myself standing in Kiara's school office lining up to verify her details in her school register. The clerk asked me "what's your child's mother tongue?"
"It's Marathi." I answered. 
"But isn't Karir a North Indian surname?" She enquired.
"Oh yes it is. Her father is a Punjabi." I replied.
"But u said her mother tongue is Marathi." continued the inquisitive clerk.
"You asked me for her mother tongue, didn't you? Or was it father tongue?" I was getting irritated partly because of her audacity and mostly because of the heat.
The poor clerk was a bit perplexed. Moving on to the next column she asked me my daughter's complete name.

"Kiara Anand Sunila Karir", I helpfully offered. 
But I have place for only first name, middle name and last name. What sort of a name is this?" 
"You asked me her complete name. And that's what it is. Anand is her father and Sunila is her mother. Make place in your form for both or neither."
"But I have to write a middle name."

I glared at her and perhaps that did the job faster and she quickly made space for two middle names. Ever since, she has been Kiara A. S. Karir. Officially. Even on her past school leaving certificate. Even in her present school register. It's a name she is proud of because it has her daddy...as well as her mummy. 

Satisfied with the rest of the details, I turned around to leave the room as the next parent took her place. 

"What's your child's name?" She asked the lady. "Karan Manish Sunanda Rawat". The woman proudly replied. As I overheard, I turned around and looked towards her. I saw her looking back at me with a big grin on her face as the clerk shook her head in amusement. There were three other mums who were waiting for their turn. All equally in tandem with what had happened I'm guessing. I'm sure the clerk noted that from next year, they would have to make an extra column on the form. 

And that was how Kiara officially got two middle names. While it one small leap for a couple of moms I'm hoping it was a huge leap for motherhood all over. 


  1. loved her name...loved the post more so because if ever I have children their surnames will be Ghosh Das. Not Das (father) nor Ghosh (Mother). Another one in my team :)

    1. Glad to be in it Datta. :). Though I'd go with first names cuz Kiara Shertukde Karir was sounding weird.


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